Who are we ?

DCA certifications register

DCA is a private organisation which houses a group of Experts who create, validate and promote a host of professional certifications.

The DCA doesn’t offering any specific training to guarantee neutrality and remain completely objective. The DCA does provide a list of a certain number of training organisations

which use the DCA certifications as online examinations.

The DCA also provides access to online resources enabling candidates to independently prepare for their chosen certification(s).

The DCA Council

The governance of the DCA is as follows :

The DCA Board members are comprised of a group of Experts who represent all the certifications on the online platform. The experts are responsible for the recruitment of the certification committee members.

The Certification Committee is a group of

experts from a specific field of digital excellence who validate the propositions of certification from the DCA board.

The validation process concerns specific competences which are determined by a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire may be modified and revised according to major changes which may take place.

Digital Certification Agency

The DCA Certifications

Although many certification agencies exist today, most of them are highly priced, offer few certifications because of their difficulty are exclusively in the English language.

The DCA certifications are fairly-priced, available in different languages and adapted to business needs rather than academic excellence.

Projects and existing certifications :