Please read carefully these instructions, it is mandatory before starting your Email Marketing Certification Quiz :

  1. Before starting the test, make sure you have taken the time to work out and you looked at all the educational resources.
  2. Make sure you can work efficiently and without interruption.
  3. Make sure you are in a quiet location, you have internet and your computer or device works well.
  4. Remember before you start this Quiz, that you have only 30 minutes to complete this test contains 50 multiple choice questions.
  5. The average for DCA certifications is : 60%
  6. Warning Once you click the “START QUIZ” button in the quiz page, you could neither go back nor click again on this button.

You may encounter technical problems, in this case check that : 

  • You have internet and your computer or device works well.
  • You don’t have the translation option enabled on your browser.
  • You don’t have a plugin that blocks the quiz.

Once you are ready, click the below button “I am ready to pass the Quiz”, enter the Password to start the Email Marketing Certification Quiz.

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